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Wigwe’s PA Explains Narrow Escape From Helicopter Crash



Wigwe private tomb

John Faleye, the Personal Assistant to the late Chief Executive Officer of Access Holdings Plc, Herbert Wigwe has been quoted as explaining the circumstances that led to his decision not to board the helicopter that killed his boss and some members of his family.

Faleye who was believed to be always around his late boss was listed in the manifest of the chartered Airbus EC130 helicopter operated by Orbic Air but, however, dropped from the flight just before takeoff Wigwe, his wife, son and former NGX chairman, Abimbola Ogunbajo. reports that the helicopter took off from Palm Springs, California and was expected to land at Boulder City, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas.

The helicopter which took off at 8.45 p.m. Pacific Time, however, crashed at about 10 p.m. near the Nevada border according to National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB official, Michael Graham. reports that following the release of the manifest of the helicopter and disclosure that Faleye did not board the helicopter with Wigwe, a note supposedly from him on the circumstances that led him not to board the aircraft has recently emerged.

Faleye said that he opted not to travel in the helicopter so that he could personally secure the luggage of the travelling party which he had earlier boarded on a vehicle for the five-hour road trip from Palm Springs to Nevada.

The note said:

I’m alive by Gods special grace. I am not home , we actually flew to US together, we are always together. I am in. Vegas. God only pulled me back at the last second . I arrange a van to transport our luggages to Vegas while we fly chopper but that word just struck my heart to ask him if I can just travel with the luggage so secure them just as we were boarding. So they boarded the chopper while I went on the 5 hours drive . It was a narrow escape!

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