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Why Wigwe, Mr Ibu Died The Way They Did – Apostle Johnson Suleman (Video)



Renowned clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has drawn attention to the unusual family patterns surrounding the deaths of Nigerian personalities Mr Ibu and Herbert Wigwe, suggesting that their demises were not normal.

The senior pastor and general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International highlighted some striking observations regarding the deaths of both individuals. According to Apostle Suleman, there are curious patterns that have emerged in the family histories of Mr Ibu and Herbert Wigwe.

In the case of Mr Ibu, Apostle Suleman noted that both his grandfather and father had reportedly died from poisoning, and tragically, a similar fate befell Mr Ibu himself.

Similarly, Apostle Suleman pointed out the tragic occurrences in the family of Herbert Wigwe, where his elder brother died in an accident, followed by the death of his sister under similar circumstances while returning from her honeymoon. Astonishingly, Herbert Wigwe met a similar fate.

Watch the video below;

Apostle Suleman emphasized the existence of foundational curses and their potential impact on individuals, regardless of their spiritual beliefs. He cautioned that unless such curses are broken, they could manifest in the lives of individuals, leading to tragic outcomes. reports that the assertions by Johnson Suleman on the death of Wigwe is bound to trigger commentaries on the issues of the new life in Christ as the Bible assures of anyone who comes to identify with Jesus.
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