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How Singer Teni Shed Tears After Super Eagles’ AFCON Defeat (Video)



Teni Disrespect

In a poignant display of emotion, popular singer Teni was overcome with tears as she grappled with the devastating outcome of the AFCON match, where Ivory Coast emerged victorious over Nigeria with a final score of two goals to one.

Despite Nigeria’s initial lead, the Super Eagles ultimately succumbed to defeat, leaving fans and spectators reeling from the unexpected turn of events.

As the match unfolded, Teni, known for hits like “Billionaire,” watched with bated breath, hoping for a triumphant victory for her beloved Super Eagles. However, the heartbreaking events, with Ivory Coast equalizing and ultimately clinching the win, proved too much to bear for the singer.

In a raw and unguarded moment, Teni’s tears flowed uncontrollably as she grappled with the disappointment and frustration of seeing her team fall short of victory. The singer lamented the embarrassment inflicted upon the Super Eagles by the Ivory Coast team, expressing her anguish and disbelief at the turn of events.

Watch the video below;

In her moment of vulnerability, Teni’s cries for oxygen shows the intensity of her emotional response, as she struggled to cope with the pain of defeat. The overwhelming sense of disappointment reverberated through her heartfelt expressions, resonating with fans who shared in her anguish
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