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Why Akpabio Should Shut Up, Utomi Rages (Video)



Prof Utomi to Apkabio

Professor Pat Utomi has blown hot on the claim by Senate President Goodwill Apkabio that that the Federal Government has disbursed N1.08tn to states to address the economic hardship in Nigeria telling him to ‘Shut Up’

Prof Utomi expressed his displeasure over the Senate president’s claim in a live chat with Arise News TV on Thursday saying, “Somebody should tell Apkabio to shut up, if he doesn’t know what to say he should shut up.” 

He further bemoaned the behavior of Nigerian politicians saying “Politicians should behave responsibly; they have acted irresponsibly as far as the future of Nigeria is concerned. The politicians are the mess that Nigeria is suffering. We’ve got to make them realize that.”

Prof Utomi urged Nigerian politicians to invest Nigeria’s resources in production for the betterment of the people.

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“Get out of these funny Mercedes and SUVs you are buying. Go around in some small car. You don’t deserve it and let’s use the resources of this country for production and get the people of Nigeria able to feed themselves and make progress.”

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Utomi recounted his experience under Ex-President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime saying, “Long before Buhari’s cabinet and I gave an analysis of how the Buhari government will likely end up, and it happened.

“So the problem is that Nigerians were so patient with Buhari that they allowed him to ruin the country. I think we must stop this patience business. Governments respond to stimuli from the environment.”

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