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Aisha Yesufu Accuses Buhari Of Hiding Campaign Fund



Aisha Yesufu Account

Civil rights activist Aisha Yesufu has taken President Muhammadu Buhari to task for failing to render an account of the money received into his 2015 presidential campaign fund despite being the sole signatory of the account.

Aisha Yesufu came after Buhari after a former presidential aide, Bashir Ahmad took her to task over what he questioned as the delay she took in rendering the account of the Labour Party presidential campaign of Peter Obi.

He had in a post following the press conference where Peter Obi, Aisha Yesufu and other members of the Labour Party campaign team gave an account of the funds received and expended in the 2023 campaign of Obi sought clarifications even while faulting the delay in rendering the account.

He had said:

Aisha Yesufu, however, quickly dismissed his compliments saying that there was nothing gracious in her rendering account affirming that it was what was expected of her and the team.

Many other X users were also quick to dabble in saying that rendering account as given by Aisha Yesufu is something strange to Bashir Ahmad mocking that his party, the All Progressives Congress, APC is not used to giving the account of its finances.

Following the public censure of Bashir Ahmad, Aisha Yesufu followed in another post where she alleged that Buhari was sole signatory of his 2015 presidential campaign account but failed to give account after the election.

She said:

Mr @BashirAhmaad

I was never the one to present the statement of account to the public as I was not the candidate whom the money was donated for. That would have been unethical. Processes are very important even though it is something your party flaunts all the time and I understand why you haven’t figured that out.

If you recall in 2015 when monies was donated to Buhari I held him accountable and not anyone else as he was the candidate. So I didn’t need any persuasion. If you haven’t understood it yet, it is the candidate himself that gave the account. I was there as team lead to give a presentation of how those monies were donated and spent. Mr Peter Obi was not a signatory to the campaign accounts which I presume is something you might not understand as Buhari was the sole signatory of his 2015 campaign fundraising and refused to give account to the public till date.

It is quite funny you talk about initially expected timeline as your party has never given public accountability of monies donated to them. I am glad you hold Mr Obi and his party to higher standard. Nothing should be short of that. The financial disclosure as stated, is of the Obi-Baba Ahmed Campaign fundraising. We stated what was received not what is expected to be received. If the vice presidential candidate or Labour Party had paid into the campaign fundraising account it would have been stated so. Also no where was it stated that N28 million was allocated for organizing campaign activities across 36 states. It looks as if you are projecting your expectations into what you are reading instead of reading and understanding what has been stated. It was referred to as campaign and election activities. You might want to ask INEC to give you a breakdown of what the Parties sent as the Campaign Expenses.

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