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Phyna Responds To Alleged Ex-Boyfriend’s Apology with a Hint of Skepticism



Reality TV star Phyna has reacted to a surprising apology from a man claiming to be her ex-boyfriend, Palmeh. The drama began when Palmeh posted a viral video claiming he had dated Phyna in the past and that she had taken Wizkid’s side in the Davido issue. However, in a video posted on social media, he retracted his statement, expressing regret for his earlier claims.

Palmeh explained that his initial outburst was sparked by something Phyna said about Davido, which he disagreed with. He acknowledged that his approach was inappropriate and that he should have confronted her directly instead of seeking attention by falsely claiming to be her ex.

Watch him speaks in the video below;

Following Palmeh’s apology, Phyna responded with a cleverly edited clip of Naira Marley’s music, accompanied by a narration that implies someone is lying. Her subtle response has left fans wondering if she accepts the apology or not.

Watch the video below;

As the situation unfolds, the enigmatic response by Phyna to Palmeh, her supposed ex has added fuel to the fire, leaving everyone guessing about what’s really going on behind the scenes and whether she has accepted his apology or not.
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