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After Failed Relationships, Phyna Leads Campaign Against Marriage



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Reality TV star Phyna Unusual has taken to social media to share a disturbing encounter that has left her advocating against marriage. The up-and-coming actress, who has been single since her last relationship ended, witnessed a horrific incident of domestic violence that has shaken her to the core.

According to Phyna who is 27, she saw a man brutally assaulting his wife, and despite efforts to intervene, he was unstoppable. She described the scene as chaotic, with the man being uncontrollable like a “mad dog.”

Phyna is now urging her followers to say no to marriage, citing the prevalence of domestic violence and the need to prioritize safety and well-being. Her post has sparked a heated debate, with many sharing their own experiences and opinions on the matter.

Read some netizens reactions below;

@Big_Ben_21: Madam if you don’t believe in marriage,please keep it to yourself

@heischange: He who finds a wife! Findeth a good thing

@AdeHimself: As you mumu reach, no one go marry you before😂😂

@elladoula: Your fans that are married alors ? They should divorce ?

@unusualfavy: I reject it for you, there’s power in our tougue,you will get married to a good man and have kids ijn

@mingleagnes: I have been married 4 close to 20years. It’s been the best years of my life. My dear @unusualphyna Marriage is the best thing that can happen to you and your kids.  There are more success stories than the negatives. Please hold on your words, this is 27  good marriage will find u

@mansotrey7: Phyna don’t be unwise they’re other way u can pass ur information about what happened instead of this, you have a lot of young ladies out there that takes u as their role model and might interpret marriage wrongly,you can do better as you re yet to get married.

GWG ng reports that Phyna’s relationship history has been tumultuous, with religious differences playing a significant role in her past breakup. In an interview with Naija FM, Lagos, in February, she revealed that she has been unable to find a replacement for Groovy, leaving her single since the end of their relationship. Despite her single status, she clarified that she hasn’t embraced celibacy as her own way of handling intimate needs.

Since I broke up with Groovy, I haven’t dated anyone,” Phyna lamented during the interview. When questioned about how she navigates her single life and manages sexual urges, she shared, “I don’t do toys. I dey vibe once once. I get guys for my phone wey I fit just call whenever I’m horny.

Will Phyna remain single for the rest of her life? Only time will tell!.
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