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BBNaija 2020: Nigerians React As Tboss Shades Nengi



By Emmanuel Adigwe

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Tokunbo Idowu, popularly called Tboss, has set social media abuzz over a comment she made about Rebecca “Nengi” Hampson, a housemate in the current Big Brother Naija lockdown edition.

GWG recalls that one of the housemates, Ozo, on Wednesday won the Innoson car challenge and while basking in the euphoria of victory, another housemate, Nengi, jumped into the front seat with him.

Ozo has repeatedly made known his intention to have an affair with Nengi but she has repeatedly rejected his romantic overture.

However, following the victory of Ozo in the car challenge, Nengi was the first to appreciate him as she jumped into the front seat radiating happiness.

This development made Tboss go to her social media account to actually congratulate Ozo but she added a cryptic comment which fans of Nengi, who addressed themselves as ‘Ninjas’ believed was targeted at Nengi.

Tboss wrote: “Yess Ozo try not to accommodate many people in your car especially those that say they don’t like you and yet jump into the front seat.”

This statement sparked reactions as many netizens stated that the statement of Tboss was uncalled for as Nengi has won a car before.

GWG captured some of their views:

Abella@CeeCy____ wrote: “Because of ordinary innoson, Tboss dey drag Nengi Nengi don suffer.”

Creamy@ItsprettyO wrote: “Tboss wants to be Nengi so bad Nengi is still in the house with over 800k followers while she has 847k followers. She wants a man like Ozo to father her daughter so bad. I feel for her so I won’t troll her.”

Nengi’s fake wig wrote: “Who else noticed Tboss codedly wants Ozo she desperately needs a father for her baby hence the trolling if Nengi,jealousy won’t kill her o…Ozo is taken Tboss move away he doesn’t want over used and expired punani.”

Oluwabukola Ajayi@ajayibukolab wrote: “Pple are just frustrated & looking for who to transfer d aggression. Why drag Tboss Baby Girl? How low can y’all go? A show that made Tboss/Nengi millionaires? Y’all haven’t benefitted nothing from constant trolling. Una go dey alright las las #bbnaija.”

Trusted Nengi’s Marshall – geddifok@Mayolamoomy wrote: “This is Nengi with her 1st car at 17 , people like vomiting assumptions Tboss had no right to drag Nengi she won that car by herself Not with any Mans help .Jumping in a car seat is now a crime Nengi has suffered in the hands of irrelevant people who seek clout.”

chocomilo@Honeybe87543545 wrote: “When last did “Tboss” trend? She has achieved her aim successfully .”

SD OF NENGI @Landlord245 wrote: “Nengi just revived the career Tboss never had Nengi empowering women I Stan #BBNaija.”

Otiititititi Bachor@XtraPeppy wrote: “Lmaooo Tboss. wtf Off me… I’m adding Tboss to the list of my faves, Whaaaaattt .”

AE@AssistantEbukaa wrote: “Y’all surprised that Tboss is talking about Nengi? Nengi is the hottest topic right now. If Tboss can use her own baby for clout, why not Nengi ? #BBNaija.”

A.S.K/Nengi@Ayekarib0 wrote: “And I was just thinking of how Tboss suffered hate from Nigerians and some housemates Saying Nengi is suffering same without offending them so it must be the biracial hate Not knowing Tboss is also among those who hate Nengi.”

Nengi’s Warrior @MahlakuNico wrote: “We rode for TBoss, she was hated because of her beauty. She should know better than this!! “ wrote: “My day was going well jeje, till I saw the shade that woman called tboss threw at nengi, if I should talk nau, she will start havin yeye mental breakdown. What did nengi do to her nau? all this clout chasers will just be provoking someone. “

Story of Esther@Amonu_ wrote: “You people should calm down on Tboss… If you were the one who has used 3 years to get to 847k and someone has used only 8 weeks to get there… Won’t you be jealous .”

AE@AssistantEbukaa wrote: “Since the year 2018…this is the first time I’ve visited Tboss page. She’s even now trending at number 15 because she talked about Nengi. Instablog collects 100k for ad per post. How much do you think Tboss owes Nengi?”

NENGI MY LOVER@ABG_DOTA wrote: “Tboss don go buy market for Ninjas coven o They are now dragging her like tiger generator Tboss you be my fave that year but Nengi na my Number one priority Kpachalu Anya gi.”

NENGI’S BUM BUM@Nengisbumbum wrote: “Tboss should publicly thank Nengi for getting her such attention since 6000 years agoand as well apologize to Nengi , before Ninjas (except me and others) would leave her alone. “

NENGI MY LOVER@ABG_DOTA wrote: “Tboss don go buy market for Ninjas coven o They are now dragging her like tiger generator Tboss you be my fave that year but Nengi na my Number one priority Kpachalu Anya gi.”   

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