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Groom Turns Down Request To Dance On His Wedding Day



Groom Turns Down Request To Dance On His Wedding Day

A newly wedded Nigerian groom caused a spectacle at his wedding reception after he warned the MC who tried to call him to the dance floor to dance with his bride.

In a video shared online, the groom and his bride could be seen walking down to take their seat amid cheers from the guests and bride’s maid and whilst they were making their way to their seat, the MC requested the groom and his wife to dance as music was being played.

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However, the groom did not like it and with rage, he turned down the request and sternly warned the MC not to try to ask them to dance.

Sharing the video on his Instagram page, IG blogger, Tunde Ednut wrote;

Hmmmmm no comment, but this wedding en! No comment. Who can break this type of wedding down? Omo, the husband dey warn am during the wedding Ooo!


The woman is even scared, of he can do this in public then I am sure he can beat her in private


This kind wedding is called “A Recipe for Disaster


She looked forced into the marriage, later they will it’s devil work, the man look rich though


Domestic violence loading, loading ding ding loading


Na the husband sponsor the wedding,the wife no get one kobo inside


Rubbish!!!!! This lady’s problem just started a case of living in bondage.


Some women endure things because of what society will say, she suppose walk away leave am there


This union reeks of upcoming domestic violence. See as bride and groom dey vex


Set Awon Isa PantArmy.

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