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Zack Orji: Outrage As Instagram User Links Popular Actor, Kanayo To Rituals (Video)



Outrage was at the weekend spreading across the social media after Instagram user known as Ogapolee linked veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo’s on-screen ritual roles to the increasing trend of illnesses and deaths among male Nollywood actors.

The user, in a video, raised suspicions about Kanayo O Kanayo’s involvement in these incidents, tracing his on-screen ritual roles to the sicknesses and deaths of male Nollywood actors.

The controversy gained momentum after Ogapolee shared a video of Nollywood actor Zack Orji battling a mysterious ailment, linking it to his accusations against Kanayo O Kanayo. The user questioned whether Kanayo O Kanayo’s on-screen roles, often portraying characters with occultic powers and as a ritualist, were reflecting his real-life actions.

Watch the video below;

However, this bold accusation faced backlash from netizens who considered it defamatory. Many voiced concerns that Ogapolee could potentially face legal consequences for making such serious claims against Kanayo O Kanayo.

It’s worth noting that in July 2023, Kanayo O Kanayo took to social media to offer valuable advice to Nollywood filmmakers even as he again rejected any link to off screen ritual activities in real life. He observed a recurring theme where wealthy characters were consistently dressed in traditional attire. Kanayo urged filmmakers to break away from these stereotypes, emphasizing that wealth could be portrayed in more comfortable and contemporary outfits.

The unfolding controversy sheds light on the challenges actors face when their on-screen personas become intertwined with real-life assumptions, emphasizing the need for responsible discourse on social media platforms.
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