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Hospital Returns Abandoned Sick Woman To Husband’s Drinking Parlour (Photo)



In a perplexing incident at Desalu Street, Odo-Ona, Ibadan South-West Local Government Area of Oyo State, confusion ensued when officials from an undisclosed hospital dropped a sick woman named Blessing Ayeni in front of her husband’s shop. The occurrence, reported on Friday afternoon, January 19, 2024, left residents bewildered.

According to an eyewitness, Remilekun Tawose, the hospital officials claimed that Blessing had been abandoned at their facility since the previous year. Faced with the alleged neglect, the hospital decided to take her to the known address of her husband – his shop where he sells alcoholic beverages.

The eyewitness further revealed that the hospital representatives asserted they had repeatedly visited the husband, urging him to take responsibility for his wife’s medical bills, but received no positive response. The officials also mentioned that Blessing’s immediate family had initially engaged with the hospital but subsequently ceased contact for reasons undisclosed to the healthcare institution.

As the news reached the location where Blessing was left, she remained on the ground, frail and under the scorching sun, while residents helplessly observed. Tawose noted that the hospital officials warned against approaching the woman, citing a contagious ailment.

The situation has sparked concerns and raised questions about the healthcare system’s handling of abandoned patients and the responsibility of family members in such cases.
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