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Family Demands Justice After First Class Graduate Dies Following Hospital Visit (Video)



The family of Rebeka Sekidika, a promising young graduate, is reeling from shock and grief following her tragic death during a routine hospital visit, sparking accusations of medical negligence against Paragon Clinics & Imaging in Port Harcourt.

Rebeka, a first-class university graduate with dreams of furthering her education abroad, visited the clinic after experiencing a three-month absence of her menstrual period. Despite several negative pregnancy tests, she proceeded with a diagnostic hysteroscopy at the clinic.

On February 2, Rebeka, in apparent good health, underwent the diagnostic procedure, described as non-life-threatening, while waiting for her turn, she engaged in an online class with her laptop. However, within minutes of entering the theatre, chaos erupted, and Rebeka’s parents were devastated to learn that their daughter had passed away.

Her father recounts the horrifying sight of finding Rebeka in a pool of blood, leaving him baffled as to how his previously healthy daughter could meet such a tragic end.

Seeking answers and accountability, the grieving family is demanding justice and accusing the clinic of negligence in Rebeka’s care.

Watch the video below; reports that the untimely death of this bright young first class graduate is expected to serve as a lesson to medical personnel of the importance of thorough medical oversight and the devastating consequences that can result from lapses in patient safety.

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