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AFCON: Nigerian Man Places High-Stakes Bet On Final Match



A Nigerian man has set social media abuzz with a daring bet ahead of the highly anticipated 2023 AFCON final match between Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

In a viral video shared online, the man, identified as Rick, revealed that he has placed a bet with his friend in Ivory Coast, wagering a plot of land on the outcome of the much-anticipated football showdown.

In the captivating video, Rick is seen confidently discussing the terms of the bet with an interviewer, asserting his belief in the Nigerian Super Eagles’ ability to emerge victorious over their Ivorian counterparts. Despite his brother residing in Ivory Coast and expressing confidence in his home team’s chances, Rick remains steadfast in his conviction that Nigeria will triumph.

Watch the video below;

The bet, involving a plot of land from each party, underscores the magnitude of the stakes involved and the intensity of the rivalry between the two nations on the football pitch. With both parties entrusting their land documents to a lawyer to formalize the agreement, the bet takes on a serious and binding nature, adding an extra layer of excitement to the upcoming match.

As news of Rick’s bold wager spreads across social media platforms, it has ignited a flurry of reactions from intrigued netizens eager to witness the outcome of the high-stakes gamble. With emotions running high and national pride on the line, the Nigeria vs. Ivory Coast AFCON final promises to be an electrifying spectacle both on and off the field.

Read some netizens reactions below;

See some reactions below:

@lionel messi: “ur eye go clear no worry,no come dey cry online oooo.”

triple chis concept: “every thing is in the hands of God.”

Nna e: “pga just dey play with your life.”

international: “i swear Nigeria win, if Nigeria no win call me goat.”

otawaa Ike: “In praying mode🙏ooo Lord this AFCON THROUPHY MEAN A LOT TO US WE NIGERIANS. pls baba God u know this is more than our birthright you made us to believe that this is our inheritance, run it 4 us.”

We@lth: “This match will be extreme BP for him.”

💫GODSTIME💫: “I done bet all my crypto money, Nigeria must win.”

NKEM ORJI: “this is actually easy to do but I can’t bet such with my brother cus I’ll still hand it over to him if I win.”

😈MEE-VEE😈: “If Nigeria no win this 🏆make my future no bright.”

Nigerian most wanted: “I want to say one thing about two things.”

itelme847: “the other person have nothing to loose,guy use ur head well.”

user3183933751260: “mr man you are not serious, you dey use ur land dey bet for Nigeria wey hunger wire you.”

As fans eagerly await the final whistle, all eyes will be on Rick and his Ivorian counterpart, as they anxiously anticipate the resolution of their wager and the fate of their respective plots of land
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