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I Tried Committing Suicide 3 Times – Comedian DesTalker (Video)




Nigerian comedian Oghenekowhoyan Onaibe Desmond, professionally known as DesTalker, has shared his poignant journey battling depression and grappling with multiple suicide attempts. His revelation, unveiled just this Thursday, sheds light on the silent struggles many face with mental health, regardless of fame or success.

DesTalker’s tale is one of tenacity amidst adversity. Following his graduation with a degree in Public Administration, he found himself ensnared in the grip of unemployment, resorting to working as an “Okada” rider, a local term for a commercial motorcyclist.

During this phase, he wrestled with deep despair, compounded by familial pressures and the daunting reality that his dreams seemed increasingly out of reach within the societal and economic constraints of his environment.

Beyond DesTalker’s personal ordeal lies a broader commentary on societal norms and the rigid paths often prescribed for individuals. His reluctance to conform to traditional employment reflects a longing for autonomy and the pursuit of personal aspirations, a sentiment shared by many yet fraught with its own set of hurdles.

DesTalker’s journey took a significant turn in 2008 when he made the bold decision to relocate to Lagos, aiming to carve a niche for himself in the comedy realm. By 2011, he had established his own comedy club at Bukkahut Lekki phase1, marking not only the inception of his comedy career but also earning him the esteemed title of comedy club host of the year.

This milestone represented a breakthrough moment, underscoring his unwavering perseverance and the invaluable support he received from colleagues, notably fellow comedian Ajebo, whose pivotal role paved the way for DesTalker’s first major opportunity in the industry.

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