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Woman Left in Shock After Hospital Staff Tell Her She’s Been Dead for Four Months



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A bizarre incident has left a 62-year-old woman from Scarborough, UK Susan Johnson, reeling after hospital staff informed her that their records showed she had been dead for four months. The shocking mistake occurred when Susan arrived at Bridlington Hospital in Yorkshire for a scheduled scan.

Upon presenting her letter and identification, staff promptly told her, “Ooh, you’re dead.” Susan, a retired housekeeper and mother of two, was left “shaking like a leaf” and in a state of disbelief. Despite her protests, staff simply proceeded with the scan and bid her farewell without addressing the error.

The confusion deepened when Susan contacted her GP, who assured her that the mistake had been rectified. However, a call to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) revealed that their system still listed her as deceased. A call handler bluntly told her, “On the computer, you’re dead.” Susan’s quick wit helped her point out the absurdity of the situation, as she was clearly alive and speaking on the phone.

The error had tangible consequences, as Susan’s carer’s allowance for looking after her disabled husband, Bob, was briefly halted. Fortunately, this issue has since been resolved.

Scarborough Medical Group attributed the mistake to an electronic instruction from Primary Care Support England (PCSE). Meanwhile, an NHS spokesperson acknowledged the incident, stating that the incorrect civil death registration was removed within 24 hours of being reported in March 2023, and Susan was re-registered by her GP.

As Susan focuses on recovering from the shock and continues her hobbies of gardening and knitting, she hopes for a more thorough explanation from the NHS. This unsettling experience serves as a reminder of the importance of accurate record-keeping in the healthcare system.
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