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“I Aspired To Become A Musician” – Governor Adeleke Says



Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State has opened up on the remarkable interaction between his political story and his aborted career as a musician which stamped him with a new middle name, Jackson being named after the musical star, Michael Jackson.

In his early aspirations, Adeleke harbored a desire to pursue a career in music, a dream discouraged by his father, redirecting him towards a path of education. Despite this divergence, Adeleke’s love for music persisted, finding expression in his exuberant dancing style that earned him the affectionate moniker ‘Dancing Governor,’ a distinctive feature of his governorship campaign.

He also took up a new middle name after authorities in his school in Jacksonville, in the United States being unable to pronounce his middle name labelled him Jackson after Michael Jackson on account of his dancing prowess in school.

The lively dance moves became a point of contention in political discourse. Critics argued that such expressions were unfitting for a serious politician, while supporters embraced them as a symbol of Adeleke’s social accessibility and relatability. Despite the controversies, Adeleke’s commitment to his musical roots remained unwavering.

Interestingly, Adeleke’s musical journey took a different trajectory but left an indelible mark on the next generation of his family. His nephew, none other than the celebrated Nigerian music sensation David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, emerged as a luminary in the industry. Adeleke proudly acknowledges his role in nurturing Davido’s musical aspirations.

On the occasion of Davido’s 31st birthday, Adeleke fondly reminisced about the early days when Davido confided in him about his musical dreams. Adeleke played a pivotal role in encouraging Davido to set high goals, and today, he beams with pride at Davido’s remarkable achievements as a multiple Grammy Award nominee and philanthropist.

This interwoven tale not only adds a distinctive dimension to Ademola Adeleke’s political profile but also highlights the familial connections and influences that shape the personal and professional trajectories of individuals.

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