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Nigerians Shocked As Prominent Ghanaian Social Media Influencer Alleges Low Cost Of Living In Lagos (Video)

Gideon Ayeni



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Nigerians are grappling with mixed feelings following a viral video featuring a Ghanaian social media influencer known as Ghanaboy, who recently made some eye-opening discoveries during his visit to Lagos, Nigeria.

In the widely circulated video, Ghanaboy was seen in Mile 2, Lagos, where he shared his observations about the country’s transportation system and cost of living. He boldly asserted that Mile 2 serves as a transportation hub, offering access to various destinations around the world.

Watch the video below;

However, what truly shocked viewers was the claim by Ghanaboy about the price of a Coca-Cola bottle in Mile 2, which he claimed was sold for 350 Nigerian Naira. This revelation sparked debate among Nigerians, with many expressing disbelief and frustration over the perceived high cost of living in the country.

Interestingly, despite Ghanaboy’s assertion that Nigerians are paying less for basic commodities like Coca-Cola compared to neighboring countries, such as Ghana, where the same product is sold for 10 Ghanaian Cedis (equivalent to 1,000 Nigerian Naira), some Nigerians were quick to point out that they are not necessarily enjoying lower prices.

In fact, Nigerians have been vocal about their struggles with rising inflation and the increasing cost of goods and services, including the recent price hike of Coca-Cola. This has led to a broader discussion about the affordability of essentials and the overall economic challenges faced by Nigerians.

Ghanaboy’s revelations have prompted introspection among Nigerians, who are grappling with the disparity between the cost of living and the perceived quality of life in the country.
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